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I have an active Facebook group. Do I need a website, too?

Having a website in addition to your Facebook group can provide several benefits that can enhance your online presence and overall business strategy.

Here are a few reasons why having a website – in addition to  your social media presence – can be valuable:

Increased brand control: While Facebook groups are excellent for community engagement, they limit your control over branding and design. With a website, you have complete creative freedom to represent your brand identity, customize the layout, and incorporate your unique style. Even if you don’t feel like your Facebook group has an “official brand,” that doesn’t mean it can’t…

Enhanced professionalism: Having a dedicated website can make your business appear more professional and established. It offers a central hub for your customers and potential clients to learn more about your products, services, and community. A well-designed website with relevant information can instill trust and credibility.

Expanded content opportunities: While Facebook groups primarily focus on interactions and discussions, a website allows you to showcase a wider range of content. You can create blog posts, articles, tutorials, videos, directories, or any other content formats that provide value to your audience. This can help position you as an authority in your community and attract more visitors to both your website and your group.

Search engine visibility: Websites can be optimized for search engines, making it easier for people to discover your business through organic search results. This is especially important when users are actively searching for specific products or services related to your niche. Unlike Facebook, where your content is primarily seen by your group members (especially in a private group), a website can reach a larger audience.

Better analytics and data: Websites provide access to comprehensive analytics tools, allowing you to track visitor behavior, measure engagement, and gain insights into your audience. This data can help you understand your customers better, identify trends, and make informed business decisions. Facebook also offers limited insights into groups, which you can learn more about here.

Ownership and control: While Facebook is a popular platform, it’s important to remember that you do not own or control it. In fact, at any given time, your group and your audience could disappear completely from the interweb. Facebook policies and algorithms can change, potentially affecting the visibility and reach of your group (this happened to me – for MONTHS – and I still don’t know what happened. Having a website ensures that you have a digital asset under your control that is not subject to external changes.

Diversification of online presence: Relying solely on a Facebook group leaves you vulnerable to any changes or disruptions on the platform, and as we discussed above, the disruptions could be detrimental. By diversifying your online presence, you can reduce risks and reach your target audience through multiple channels. A website, along with social media accounts and other online platforms, creates a more robust online presence.

I like to call this “cross-pollination marketing.” Your website, Facebook group, other social media presences, email newsletter, etc., all work together to create an unstoppable marketing machine!

Having a website alongside your Facebook group provides you with more control, professionalism, content opportunities, search visibility, data insights, ownership, and diversification. It is 100% fully YOURS, complements your social media presence, and serves as a central hub to showcase your brand and engage with your audience in a unique and personalized way.

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