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Do you use G Suite? Did you know you can switch up email addresses in about 10 seconds?

I use – and recommend – gmail via G Suite for businesses. For lots of reasons.

One, it’s really reasonably priced.

Two, gmail is ubiquitous and most of us (except my husband, who still uses Yahoo – #okboomer) are super familiar with the interface.

Three, google docs and all the other great stuff that goes along with G Suite.

And four – and this one is new! – you can easily change up an email username in a few simple steps.

So, say you have an employee and her email address is alice@yoursite.com. Maybe Alice decides to leave your company, but you really don’t want to start an entire new email account when there are still a ton of important emails in that account. Or, you don’t want to mess around with aliases – you just want the new person to be able to jump right in and continue to receive emails that Alice used to take care of.

No problem!

Simply change Alice’s email – alice@yoursite.com to a new address for your new hire, Bob – bob@yoursite.com.

Billing, etc. will remain the same and there is no extra change!

Few things in life are easy. This is one. You’re welcome.

Here’s the extra cool part: After renaming a user, G Suite retains the old username as an email alias to ensure continuous mail delivery. So this means your clients who previously emailed alice@yoursite.com won’t get a bounceback. Their emails will simply and seamlessly go to bob@yoursite.com.

Super important to note: To rename a user in G Suite, you must be a G Suite Administrator.

This means the head G Suite honcho (probably you) needs to institute this change. (View Google’s instructions.)

To change a username for a G Suite email address:

  1. Log in to G Suite.
  2. Click on the cute Users icon:
    g suite users
  3. Click on the user you want to rename.
    g suite rename user
  4. In the User Name box, enter the new username for the email address. This will appear before the @ in their email address.
    gsuite rename user
  5. Click Update User.
  6. This change may take up to 24 hours to process and reflect throughout G Suite, although in my experience, the change goes through within minutes.

How easy is that?

It stinks when you need to make a change – but Google makes it super duper easy!

To learn more about what happens after you rename a user, visit Google’s documentation.

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